1. caught off guard
2. the feeling you get after being blown by the wind
1. I was winded by the personal question she asked me.
2. I felt winded by the strong gusty wind while waiting for the bus in the cold.
by jackarmooyolshir March 28, 2008
Calvin: What causes wind?
Dad: Trees sneezing
Calvin: Really?
Dad: No but the truth is much more complicated.


Calvin: Boy the trees sure are sneezing today
by BillWatterson July 27, 2009
A way of dancing...cominf from the islands....TRINIDAD in particularly. It is basically jiration of the hips and butt.
Kelis' song
by Ashley February 29, 2004
Winding is a dance craze that is basically Newark theme dance. (NOT New York, NEWARK). It involves putting your "Bad" hand, (a.k.a., im a lefty, so my bad hand is my right) behind your back, on your hip, on your chest, or on your stomach. Many people agree that Winding is actually a form of Krumping}. When you wind, or "Kake", as it is called when a boy and girl face off, your hips move in a smooth, un-rigid motion. In 2006, white, female singer, Gwen Stefani, released the song "Wind It Up". Even though a California girl should be rapping about Krumping, the song is now a theme song.
Yo, did you see that bitch and her boy Kaking?

Hey, do you want to start NJing at Nicole's party?

I can Wind better than you!

Jordan started Winding!

by Valeviktorio December 15, 2006
BRRR... it's windy today, let me put on a jacket. YAY!!!
by orangina EAT QUIZNO SUBS!!! April 16, 2004
The wind is a invisible substence that you can not see, the wind has no freinds because no one wants to be freinds with what they can not see. and a very VERY short temper, his temper is all most as short as he is but i guess you can see small people, the wind is on a whole nother level of size, the wind is only a word used to discribe how small this person is, even with a microscope, seeing the wind is pretty much impossible, you could wave your fingure, and to the wind, its a hurricane, the wind is also know as Luke, but due to his small size, we just call him wind
The wind, are you there, no one can see you
by Not SO Urban Dictionary August 29, 2019
Way of dancing popular in Jamaica and other caribbean islands. Sexy way of moving hips and ass. Is done standing, bending over, or even on one's head. Alone or with a partner (wind with me).
Wind for me.
Do you see the way dat girl der wind? Boi, she turnin me on!
I love to see da girls dem wind up der waist.
Every girl try, but no one can wind like her.
by JahMace July 29, 2010