It is the face that a girl makes when you do one of two things
A. Do something that is very kind and they didn't expect it.
B. You make fun of them and they don't really mind.

The face it's self is a slight tilting of the head to the side, the eyebrows arch in and a covering of the lower teeth by the bottom lip. The main distinction between A. and B. is that A. is followed by a short,"Aww." Whereas B. is followed by a coughing sound.
A. After I gave her the rare Moody Blues CD that she wanted, she made the girl face.

B. When I told her women shouldn't be allowed to vote she made the girl face.
by Nate Benjamin June 17, 2006
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The expression on a woman's face when she is severely pissed off.
Girl, what is wrong? You've had girl face all day!!
by sioux501 November 4, 2010
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the definition of "chewing on someone's face", means like making out with them or getting intense with one another. or building sexual tension between each other
Brandon- yo see that girl over there?
josh- ya bubud!

Brandon- I totally chewed that girls face last night.
Josh- ATTA boy Brandon.
by bigbootyhoe456 November 7, 2017
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A girl that loves to suck cock for the sole purpose and grand pleasure of taking it in the face.
"Dude this face girl is awesome. I get a BJ and then she gets it in the face, its a complete win-win situation!"

"Charlie Sheen would describe the time I spend with my face girl as an epic bi-winning experience."
by WordNinja007 October 23, 2011
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A youthful girl who wears a Northface jacket...every day. She has a choppy strand of bangs that covers her eye. She wears jeans tucked into Ugg boots. On any university campus, you can count hundreds of her in one sitting. She could be really pretty sometimes, if she put any effort into having a personality.
Oh hey I just saw 50 The North Face girls on my way to class.
by kennykshatriya March 16, 2009
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the cute girl that is kinda innocent but people low-key want to get with
Some girls have a steady bitch face, you have a girl next door face.
by xyz. June 12, 2015
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This is to do with Wilbur Soot's 'I'm In Love With An E-Girl', an absolute classic.

Now who is Wilbur Soot you may ask? Well he is a man who fell in love with TommyInnit many years ago.
"She's got a picture of an anime girl's face!"
"Just a single"
"Nothing more"
"Send her rubbing up my ethernet cord"
by GiggleOfficial August 20, 2021
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