3 definitions by Carodizzle

used to discribe importance
"that was the biggest fart in ever!"
by Carodizzle December 27, 2008
When Someone (Andrew) is home or at a designated location (or) is in contol
1 Andrew arrives at party, "Ace on base"

2 "Bro where u at?" "Ace is on Base brohoob"

3 Don't worry Ace is on base
by Carodizzle May 10, 2010
Shitflex or Shitflexing is to narcissistically brag to the point that you are shitting on someone or something completely unprompted. No one gives a shit.
“ I love being able to do whatever I want because I don’t have kids” , “Um ok cool shitflex
by Carodizzle September 10, 2021