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It's a combination of Ted Kaczynski the Unabomber and a text so lethal that it blows the mind of the person receiving it.
You cannot unsend these or repair any relationship. Not only will the person never speak to you again, but there is a chance you might be contacted by the authorities.
She blew up my phone with a Text Kaczynski. I knew that girl was crazy.
by LordViper June 17, 2021
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It's a pack of stickers that was giving out free. They are for Facebook comments and were first popularized in Thailand. But the one purple Floppy Bird gif became a symbol two flag regressive left comments. Conservative people and normies use them on pages such as occupy Democrats. Some of these birds have been drawn into alt right memes but the trash dove still remains widely used by normies.
Look at this stupid post about somebody telling me to use gender-neutral pronouns. I will just leave a trash stuff Floppy Bird GIF here. Then another trash dove will be left by someone who agrees with you that it is insane garbage. A third person will then like your trash stuff and add his own trash dove.
by LordViper March 05, 2017
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Any bar, restaurant or gym that is operating in violation of the covid-19 restrictions
My house had a built-in bar in the basement and I've turned it into a neighborhood Covid Speak-Easy
by LordViper June 17, 2020
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It's a word only used in Scotland to describe a day that's gloomy and gray.
It's a wee bit Dreich outside today.
by LordViper June 05, 2017
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A more black pilled version of a Groyper. They exist on right-wing Twitter and notice things. In 2019 they were responsible for exposing hundreds of accounts popping up promoting consuming insect protein to save the environment. Each account was liking and sharing each other's post. It was traced back to a country in Israel trying to normalize insect protein consumption for profit. Hence the popular term "eat the bugs, live in the pod"
Some fed LARPing as a groyp just got DDOSed and braapped to death
by LordViper December 14, 2020
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They are the alt-right frogs seen mostly on Twitter. They're drawn as fat with two hands under their chin. Not to be confused with Pepe the frog, they are their own subcategory of paleo conservatives. They don't post Boomer cringe or Neo-Nazi stuff

Groypers refer to themselves as cozy and they like to post pictures of food and the outdoors. During shark week they all change their Twitter Avi to a shark and they attack celebrities. They also draw pictures of themselves farting on verified accounts to troll them otherwise referred to as "brapping people to death."
Always look for Groyper accounts they post the dankest memes.
by LordViper July 13, 2020
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GAWA is a popular hashtag amongst right-wing extremists. It's popularity increased 500% after the election. It lets other users know that if the second civil war breaks out they would be willing to fight and are armed with at least one military style rifle.
It typically stands for Groyper And White Army.
Did you think Trump didn't have a backup plan in case he lost? GAWA
by LordViper November 15, 2020
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