to cause, initiate, or inflict passion upon an idea, object, thought, feeling, or such stimulus
I. "He impassionately approves of his girlfriend's achievements."
II. "I am extremely impassioned about your earlier confrontation with me."
by TL373 July 21, 2006
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The movie was an impassive commentary on the riots.
by foxiefox October 12, 2009
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A point at which no further progress can be made.
A yo' man! If ya'll know dis peice like da' back o' yo' hand, why's we at an impasse?
by D-Vo January 26, 2006
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When both parties need to make a decision and both are "Not Trippin" - thus at an impass ; "not-trippin impass"
A:"idk, you want it?"
B:"im not really trippin"
A:"im not trippin either"
C:"you to have reached a not-trippin impass"
by Brolachan650 October 12, 2010
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Gave him a penalty or punishment

Grounded him

Gates him

Prohibited him from recreation outside the home
He looks uneasy

He was sexually touched in the park. His mother gave him an impasse
by Xixxioux February 19, 2023
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When a couple are both bottoms and unwilling to negotiate for satisfying sex so they sleep ass to ass and pout simultaneously.
My ex husband was too subby for me because I really wanted a top, so we were at an ass to ass impasse.
by Veev September 21, 2022
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