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Scottish origin, a "cracker" was a person who talked and boasted, derived from the Gaelic "craic" meaning 'talk', later becoming more derogatory
let's go doon the pub n' hae a good craic wit tha mates" - "that wank is sure the cracker tonight
by Brolachan650 May 29, 2010
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A systematic plan or strategy, usually for gainage. differentiated by being a "deace op" or a "shab op"

'Op';noun / Op-ing;verb / Op-ed;adj

Usually used to describe a current status or engagement.
you jacked my op!
by Brolachan650 June 5, 2010
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When both parties need to make a decision and both are "Not Trippin" - thus at an impass ; "not-trippin impass"
A:"idk, you want it?"
B:"im not really trippin"
A:"im not trippin either"
C:"you to have reached a not-trippin impass"
by Brolachan650 October 12, 2010
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(adult content) adj. (Origin: scottish slang)
The state of craving sexual penetration*; a hungry female's sexual organs; Strong urge or desire for sex*; horny
"Shes been quarantined for months she surely Ganting by now" "i had to tell her no 5tines! Shes surely ganting anaw!
by Brolachan650 June 23, 2022
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