by revisiting old posts we were able to witness the immaturation of the internet from a place of cordial dissent to whiny bickering.
by kris takahashi August 25, 2009
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What one redneck says to another when he wants his chair back.
Hey, you done sat immature and I be wanting it back.
by Chase1204 April 14, 2008
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An opinion. someone created it so others would act like them
Kid A: Dude i touched it and it got hard


Kid A: you're so immature

Kid B: F*ck you
by Hemesath May 13, 2010
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Doing whatever it takes to make you happy and for some people, at least they're being who they are and not the stereotype of who they're supposed to be. Your inner child. Most people believe that age defines who you are and if you don't "act your age", you're immature. "Mature" people seem to be very depressed and settle for everything even if they don't want it.
Stuck up bitch: Why is that girl coloring in a spongebob coloring book? She's so immature.

Other person: At least she's doing what makes her happy, bitch.
by hofosho23 December 01, 2010
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An overused term used by hypocrite teenagers (as in, 99%) to describe anyone or any opinion that they dislike.
Twilight fan #1: OMG that guy totally said Twilight is the boringest story EVER!!!

Twilight fan #2: OMG, he's so immature!!!
by lklkj98k November 01, 2009
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Someone who:
1: constantly makes penis or fart jokes
2: praises their name on by saying it means "huge penis" or "awesome person"
3:makes fart noises with their mouth and/or arm
4: calls everything and everyone they don't like gay
(pretends to masturbate) HAHAHAHA

Urban dictionary definition-joe: an incredibly awesome person with a large penis and gets all the ladies.

(fart sound) LOLOLOL

Look at that gay car. Its so gay!

Bill is so gay because he thinks PS3 is better than XBOX!

Jeff can't go 2 minutes without making a penis joke. He's so immature.
by alby1 June 18, 2010
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