The absolute mad lad of the UK. Absolutely adorable man that anyone in the right mind will simp for- and that's okay. Looking at his smile will warm your heart and anyone who says they aren't in love with him is deeply lying to you!
That man wilbur soot, yeh. I am so gay for him
by wkueyfgkcyger April 21, 2020
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He’s in your bed and I’m in your twitch chat DWNANANNANANANNANANANA

Wilbur soot is a person who has pretty hair and he’s hot
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The most beautiful man in the world he’s hot he’s nice charming he makes music and plays Minecraft if you ever see him you will simp but that’s OK!!!!
Wilbur soot is so hot ,”Ik” we all know that subscribe to techno blade.
by Wilbur_simp March 19, 2021
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The most perfect man ever. Wilbur is beautiful and charming and smart and is the only man i care about. I will sell my soul for him.
Any sane person: “Wilbur soot is so pretty , I genuinely want to marry him”
Me too
by wilbursootslefteyebrow November 6, 2021
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Wilbur soot was the first president of L'manburg- although he is a dirty crime boi,

Wilbur is still an attractive music dude.
He also goes by tiptup and Tiddy pang

Wilbur does streams and stuff and is part of a band called Lovejoy too..go listen to their songs
"Hey did you see Wilbur soot's new stream?"
"Yeah it was pog"
by Iminyourtwitchchat November 25, 2021
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wilbur soot is a youtuber/streamer who plays with ph1lza and tommyinnit. his smile makes you gay for him instantly
wilbur soot is only famous because of that crackhead jacksucksatlife same with tommyinnit
by #HailYeah February 3, 2021
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