Your name is William and you did the stupid Tik Tok trend
mMm yes illia
by Mii-kun August 21, 2021
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Your depressed but also the hottest person in the world and is friends with everyone and you have a girl bestie and a boy bestie that are the coolest
Dang you see that person over there, I bet he’s/she’s an illia
by Your momsy May 29, 2020
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A person who hides their illness and works through it whenever they are sick.
That guy is an illia but he won't admit to it.
by Ashton V Shannon June 9, 2020
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what? illia? did you just ducking take william and do that?! let's see the sentence.
random person:did you do that tiktok trend?
by you can see me? oh god. May 23, 2021
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Someone who is definitely a barb & has a fat & juicy ass
Wow illia is such a barb
by barbz4bernie April 10, 2020
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Your name is Lillian and u love Olive Garden . You also eat mashed potatoes and love toy story . You are also doing the TikTok last and first letter challenge 💀
by Dougkhdjfhrncjcjh June 3, 2020
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