another term for the words: alright, aight, and k.
That car looks iiii from the front.
by Lu3 May 25, 2009
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The text version of flipping someone the bird
by mr paddy June 3, 2009
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Your mad at you spam shift while typing exclamation marks

Don’t buy this game!
by your real name hehe April 17, 2021
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an absolute madlad. the coolest of cool. a true pimper of chimps. ngl hes not tall and sux at among us js
*reports body* "I just saw Robert Melvin Hopkins IIII leaving the office, body was at vitals."
"I-I-I-I-I dontknowwhatyouretalkingaboutIjust-" *leaves game*
by トロイメライ September 17, 2020
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