When you're a hardcore pimp/player
omg, did you know that i am such a pimper?
by Dance January 1, 2007
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A Pimper is a manipulator
You don't have to be a pimp inorder to be a pimper.
"The key is to control the mind".
If you have the ability to talk someone into doing something, they don't necessarily want to do
, but they do it anyway just to please you, then you are a pimper.
by trust me January 14, 2014
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this word came out of a mans mouth with out thinking pimper is more pimp than pimp it means cooler than cool if u cach my drift
my gun is so much pimper than urs
DUDE!! im pimper than u bitch
by MiKE MARSHALL January 7, 2005
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A unit defined by how many women you can fuck in a given time.
The equation for pimpers is
P = N/T
Where N= number of women and T = Time taken
example of a problem including pimpers N= 60 T= 5
P= 60/5
P = 12
by Bap12 November 30, 2016
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Slangin' and rockin' yo shit (hoes) like a professional pimp.
I'm the master of pimperation.

I love pimperating all day and night.
by Ashley December 26, 2003
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A tight ass who considers himself a paragon of moral virtue and is offended by others that engage in behavior such as smoking,drinking,cussing,rap music,tattoos etc.The tight ass considers it his godly duty to police and verbally admonish the godless offenders.
Watch what you say and do cuz here comes the God pimper.

Hit the bricks with your God pimping shit.
by PissOnPC April 10, 2007
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A group lead by their Tribal Chief, Jaivir
It's the pimper skeeters
by epicxcalsterio September 4, 2023
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