'igga' is addressed to the indians(who were inslaved by the white, british rule in india); originated from the word 'nigga'.
Was up igga, brother from india.
by jeff March 09, 2005
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A nigga who was too broke to afford the n so it's just igga instead of nigga
by BiiiiiiigFellllla March 25, 2017
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I.G.G.A. is an abbreviation for
it gets good around
it gets good at
it gets great at/around
whatever variation you choose
igga usually applies to music when telling someone the best part of a song. used on facebook chat or texting.
Pal: hey dude, listen to ghostwriter by rjd2, igga 1:30.
Dude: alright i will.
Dude: you were right, thats so sick!
by monkenround May 16, 2010
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