a group of retarted old fat white 40 year olds who attempt to rap and be gangster but blow ass. followed by more fellow retards who dress up like clowns called juggalos. all look very stupid and are made fun of constantly. wear makeup like a bunch of trannys
by adab February 04, 2007
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A horrible duo of annoying ass faggots.They do not deserve to be called a band.They claim Detroit,when they grew up and live 20 miles away.They
"rap" about stupid shit that THEY don't even relate to.Killing people?Please.THEY need to be killed.And one of them RECENTLY admitted in an interview that he JUST RECENTLY smoked pot for the first time.Look up the word poser.And their little followers,juggalos and juggalettes,are incredibly stupid and irritating.They all claim they're "family",but all they do is lie and talk shit about each other.Some family.They wear stupid clothes to attract attention and do their hair stupidly.ICP and the juggalos and lettes need to give it a fucking rest already.And Eminem treated their lives to the fucking fullest,when they tried to treat his.They horribly failed,needless to say.
ICP: Slim Anus! HAHAHAHAHA! We're so cool! Whoop whoop!

Eminem: Slim Anus? Damn right Slim Anus,I don't get fucked in mine like you two little flaming faggots!
by Narthalie February 13, 2009
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The Insane Clown Posse has been trying to kill me. So has all of Psychopathic records. They've been telling me in secret codes and hidden messages, shrouded in symbolic meanings. Specific lyrics relate to other specific lyrics on different tracks of albums, or even spanning throughout the catalog. The task is to make you go crazy enough to figure it out. Their motive is your own wickedness. And once you listen, the message is clear. Get the fuck out. Fuck the fuck off. Fly away.
"let's stop being such fucking juggalos people, the ICP wants us dead because we're all assholes."
by tillI'mdeadintheground April 13, 2010
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A rap group lacking anything original, and looking at horror movies for inspiration.
"I'd much rather masterbate to Care Bears with my severed penis than listen to ICP"
by unicronlord March 16, 2007
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An untalanted horrorcore rap group that has 3 major flaws.
1) they rap about the grosest freakiest crap that no one but perverts and pedafiles like to listen to. 2) they have the most annoying voices ever not really squeaky but high pitched and nasiating to listen to. 3) even if they did not have annoying voices and didnt rap about sick stuff they would still suck because they can NOT rap when they try to they sound simply like a bunch of fucked up whiggers.
Dave: Why do you have this ICP cd Mark
Mark: When I'm in trouble instead of getting grounded I get locked into a room with this screwed up music playing.
Dave: I'm suprised your still alive
by Gay Rights Activist December 30, 2006
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A rap group that was formally known as the "No Talent Ass Clowns". Known for inbred white trash idiot fans known as Juggalos.
"Yo cuz, I are be liking ICP knowm sayin?"
by fucking hoff style September 19, 2007
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A horrorcore rap group consisting of 2 fat homosexuals who enjoy putting make up on each others faces.
You're not gonna convince anyone that you're a hard ass by smothering your face with paint.

Stupid ICP.
by Striker122 August 21, 2009
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