An incorrect way of saying "endquote".

A popular mistake is to use the term "quote unquote". This term is short form, and originated from using the word "quote" before quoting someone, and the word "endquote" at the end, to signalize that you are done quoting.
Nowadays, the phrase "quote unquote" is being used as a whole before quoting something.
- "I got a parking ticket because I quote unquote parked against the direction of traffic"
by VTW August 11, 2014
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The paired words which PRECEDE and FOLLOW a quotation, as a kind of punctuation, orally representing the words for punctuation marks " ... "

While "Quote ... endquote" appears more logical, it is in fact the word "unquote" which appears at the end of a direct quotation, according to The Merriam-Webster dictionary, and Fowler's Modern English Usage (a British publication). Neither The Merriam-Webster Dictionary nor Fowler's Modern English Usage lists or recognizes the single word "quote" END QUOTE "unquote", but Fowler's Modern English Usage does indicate that "unquote" appears in the Oxford English Dictionary.
A relevant and contemporary example:
There is no such thing as a QUOTE secret Muslim UNQUOTE.
Muslims OPENLY proclaim their Muslim faith when they say in Arabic QUOTE ash hadu an La illaha ill Allah wa Muhammadan Ras Ullu UNQUOTE. To deny or hide their faith is rather QUOTE not to be a Muslim UNQUOTE.
The widely used expression "Quote Unquote" is a colloquial expression which does not justify its incorrect use in that form, since the two words should be separated by some kind of word, phrase or sentence, a quotation, but is evidence that language is constantly evolving, as with the word "gay", whose primary meaning today is totally different than it was 50 years ago.
by AbdAlRahman September 19, 2010
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A horribly incorrect way of citing a particular phrase or adding emphasis to a questionable term. Typically it preceeds the phrase and is accompanied by a stupid little fang finger gesture. If you currently use the term "quote unquote" (and especially if you do the finger thing) please stop it now. Don't feel bad. It's an understandable mistake because the idiots on Fox News say it all the time as does your boss at work, most probably. But read on...

First of all, it should be QUOTE and ENDQUOTE. These are the official names for the double apostrophe symbols (") on your keyboard.

Secondly, the proper syntax is to say QUOTE, followed by the phrase, closed by ENDQUOTE.

What do you think of Bush's quote War on Terror endquote?

What do you think of Bush's "War on Terror?"

What do you think of Bush's quote unquote War on Terror?

What do you think of Bush's ""War on Terror?

Get it? Good. But try to avoid saying it altogether. Using the phrase "so-called" is much more acceptable. Example:
What do you think of Bush's so-called War on Terror?
(Incorrect but common usage)
BOSS: Ok people, let's get proactive. This is a win-win situation. So give it 110% and quote unquote kick some ass!
EMPLOYEE: Man, you're such a putz.
by Brendie December 9, 2006
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Synonomous with: supposedly, presumably. Used in conversation to indicate that quotes should be placed around the following word or phrase.

quote unquote work = "work"
I quote unquote work on Fridays.
by mikwat June 7, 2004
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Quote unquote was an improper usage of quotation marks. When you quote somebody, you have a quote and an endquote, a.k.a., "Unquote," but sometimes people will just say quote unquote. And I'm gonna say, if you do the quote thing with your fingers, stop it now. That's not how it works.

Anyhow, quote unquote, why are you reading this?
For example,

Nancy said, quote unquote We will be leaving for Arizona tomorrow morning. ( Incorrect )

Nancy said, "We will be leaving for Arizona tomorrow morning." ( Correct )
by AnonymousAnHi March 22, 2017
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A one off proof of concept to test a theory or gather data that organically evolves into a nightmare of poor structure, unmaintainable code, and general technical debt. The evolution into this nightmare form is typically driven by business will to 'Get it into prod' , ever changing customer requirements, and assumption that we're completely invalid from the start of the project.
Manager: Hey the VP of Sales wants that PoC to go into production. How

Dev: It's not even close to being a viable production ready system.
Manager: Yeah you know how A Quote Unquote Proof of Concept goes. So how long before you can put it out there for people to use?
by hel112570 August 30, 2023
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All behold the spectacle
A fleshy limbless rectangle
Sitting on a pedestal
So nasal handicapable

Contortions that he can't recall
Sniff and remember silver ball
The torso on a trampoline
The happiness melts into dream
To talk is an enunciated sneeze
To tatse is some foul air to breathe

One thought, it lasts a day
And at that rate - he'll most likely live forever!!!!!!!!!!
He's a bird in flight, a hermaphrodite

And he fucks himself as he fucks the world
His twitching brain can dance within
A secret means of ecstasy
Gyrating more like gelatin
Acute and very olfactory
To see is colors crawling in the nose

To hear is stinking highs and lows

He's got an itch, but nothing with which
To scratch the itch - so wish it away

With his mouth sewn shut, he still shakes his butt
'cause he's Hitler & Swayze & Trump & Travolta

Smell. Sweat. Movement.
Everyone's dancing.
Fading. Darker.
A subtle fragrance.
Everyone's dancing without him.
Where did it go?

Quote Unquote
by Gothic Miscreant October 14, 2023
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