To be utterly gutted, to have failed, to be a massive fail. To wake up and discover you are Maverick74 and you're depressed, wife, drug & alcohol dependent depressive who hasn't done a full weeks work in almost 3 years.
Mate 1: "My mother's been seriously injured in a road accident"
Mate 2: "Gutz, Mate!"
Mate: "No, head injuries, she's in the intensive care unit at the hospital..."
Mate 2: "No, I mean 'Gutz', like gutted or FAIL, you never mind...
Mate 1: "You remind me of a 'young promising black footballer'
Mate 2: "Why? I'm a 33 year old middle class white boy with a penchant for linguistics and twisting and moulding our wonderful English language"


Mate 1: "Oh, shit, I lost 50 quid in 35 mins playing poker online last night"
by The Drizzla" June 14, 2011
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Gutz a completly cool guy who is an amazing frisbee player and enjoys making fun of everyone who is shorter and any other race than himself and laughs when people get hurt

The mighty Gutz is amazing
by EGG May 11, 2004
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female reproductive organs; vagina; pussy; gash; the act of getting laid;
Hey Larry, you get gutz last night? No?! Didn't think so.

Woodya look at them gutz?
by Bart February 18, 2004
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The internal bearings of a bicycle wheel. Common among african americans in detroit.
Nigga, I used to take Da GUTZ out and everythang.
by Former Detroiter August 25, 2007
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A woman that has exceptionally great pussy.
Damn, Kiesha has some mean gutz.
by Joe Momma III July 3, 2006
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Dig ur Gutz means to have sex or fuck.
"Gurl, I wanted to dig ur gutz last night!"
by Shelly6969 August 16, 2005
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the act of jizzing inturnally after a session of procreation.
Patended perfected and used frequently by Alex Facchin and only Alex Facchin.
juby-D: fuck facchin u pulled a hot one last night!
ben-wog:fo shizzle mo nizzle!
Alpacatron: fuckin right! Blew up her gutz!
by jubb-d-bah February 4, 2004
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