1. A urine sample with ice cubes in it
2. An exclamation commonly used when you go into the restroom and the person who last used the urinal didn't flush
1. ew, icy pee! those damn piss fetishists! them and their ICP!
2. I SEE PEE!!!!!!
by school_sick_801 December 19, 2008
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A rap/hip-hop duo consisting of two Caucasian males from Detroit. Their fans, known as Juggalos, are very defensive but can't seem to type very well. Their detractors sometimes have a problem spelling as well, but the general opinion of this band is that you either hate them with a passion or love them with a passion.
I saw a line of people waiting outside the ICP concert and lost faith in humanity.
by YDload October 04, 2004
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"I.C.P" is the abbreviation for arguably the most pathetic, ridiculous group ever to be recorded in the history of mankind named "Insane Clown Posse". This talentless "rap" duo hailing from Detroit made a name for themselves amongst the wigger, redneck, trailer park and white trash population by painting their faces in a "clown" design and horribly attempting to mix "rap" music with horror themes, gore and blatant jackass stupidity. Fans of the group known as "juggalos" aka "jackassalos" also paint their faces while attending I.C.P shows to display their affiliation with the talentless group; in turn displaying their lack of musical taste, stupidity, white trashiness, wiggerness, jackassness and pathetic sense of togetherness. It is noted that in order to be a "jackassalo", that ones mother must be a stripper or Waffle House/Denny’s waitress, and father be a construction worker, unemployed or simply gone.

I.C.P had a much publicized feud with fellow wigger artist Eminem. It's rumored that this feud started over which artist should be awarded the title "Wigger of the Century" held at the annual Trailerpark Music Awards.
Yo my wigger, I knows you's gonna go's to dat I.C.P show tommorow. I'm heading to Hot Topic right now to find some dope threads for the show. I hope they have some clothes in size "pathetic".
by BigPerm Jenkins February 10, 2008
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A rap duo from detroit consisting of two of the smartest caucasians I have ever seen in my entire life. What they do is make a few off-tempo beats that could easily be bettered on a child's toy keyboard, and scream and talk about random shit they think about when they get high on peyote about clowns, then they'll put it on a cd, slap on a couple ugly pictures of themselves in retarded clown garb, and make millions from retarded white emo kids who don't know any better. They get rich off of being worthless.
Juggalo: OHHHH YEAH, This is the new shit from ICP!!!!
Normal Human Being: He wasn't kidding when he called it shit.
...Why do juggalos like faygo?
Because it's pure shit, just like their music.
by Schwantz July 30, 2006
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ICP sucks.
I'm sorry to be the one to break it to you, but ICP is not the most hated band on the planet.
Sure, I wish that I could grant ICP their wish so they could have their pride, but unfortunately, I am nothing but a human as you are.
I do not believe all of their fans are moronic and do not have a potent vocabulary. Some are, yes, but is that not true for all fans of people who feel it their need to create music/shit/artwork/beautiful things?
Sure, maybe they are Christians, maybe they did help you through something, and maybe you and your fellow friends with hearing disabilities are a family. I do not doubt you.
Also, since when did being moronic make someone any less of a fan, if I had right to judge here, I'd say you're all being just a tad bit hostile. Take a breath; there are some breathing exercises in the wonderful world of the Internet you could look up to help you with your anger.
What I'm trying to say is, to all the moronic fans, pirates have nothing to do with ninjas.
If pirates and ninjas some how ran across each other, they would not start fighting, instead they would just carry on their way, those pirates have a parrot to teach and you ninjas have some roof to climb.
Just stop it please. I do not care about how awesome your stealth technique is, keep it to yourself.
How you killed a pirate? No, no thanks.
moronic Icp fan: Dude, guess who just learned how to turn invisible without actually turning invisible?

Non-(moronic) ICP fan: I don't want to guess, but I think I can do it.

Non-ICP fan proceeds to walk away.
by Saulamber August 09, 2008
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ICP (Insane Clown Posse) Are without a doubt, the most hated band on the planet. Some juggalos/lettes on here have said that this is because people have misconceptions about ICP being satanic or homophobic. In accuality, its just that people think they're gay, because they're gay. Their fans are all idiots who butcher the english language with shitty wigger vernacular, and type by smashing their faces into the keyboard. And any lo/lette who is not actually mentally retarded, has no excuse for listening to ICP (or any group on psychopathic records. (Not to be confused with Psycho+logical records, which has some decent stuff.)
Reasons why ICP sucks : Relatively shitty production. Their beats are wack. They have no flow. They are two of the worst lyricists ever. Their voices are annoying. They look annoying. Their fans try to make them sound deep "on the surface it seems as if shaggy is saying this. . . . but . . .violent j is really talking about SHUTTHEFUCKUP. They have nothing to say. Seriously. . the worst lyricists ever. I mean, really, I cant emphasize that enough. I thought it was a joke when I first heard their shit. One good thing to say about Violent J, and Shaggy 2 dope is that they are both business geniuses. They have found a relatively untouched niche in the "awkward pissed off white kids, who live in trailer parks across the midwest." Everyone knows that ICP blows nuts. . .even in an interview from '97 with 'Gay Times',(issue #69) Shaggy 2 dope says (quote) "We suck cock like it was going out of style, yet retards keep buying our horrible shit,. . . . . . we're laughing all the way to the fucking bank man!" (unquote).
by ferdasyn November 26, 2007
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