Short for "I see pee" most likely said in a messy restroom by someone who would pay attention to that.
Could also say
1. I notice urine
2. I observe piss
3. I view piddle
4. I discover weewee
jake: hey ben im in a bathroom now and ICP!!

ben: your retarded
by GuitR November 02, 2006
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Person#1: Hey look on the stage! I think i.c.p.!Did somebody piss behind those microphones?

Person#2: No, that's just some stupid rapping clowns.

Juggalo: I'ma cut joo wit dis hatchet mutha facko!
by Peaceful J December 04, 2009
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A rap duo from detroit consisting of two of the smartest caucasians I have ever seen in my entire life. What they do is make a few off-tempo beats that could easily be bettered on a child's toy keyboard, and scream and talk about random shit they think about when they get high on peyote about clowns, then they'll put it on a cd, slap on a couple ugly pictures of themselves in retarded clown garb, and make millions from retarded white emo kids who don't know any better. They get rich off of being worthless.
Juggalo: OHHHH YEAH, This is the new shit from ICP!!!!
Normal Human Being: He wasn't kidding when he called it shit.
...Why do juggalos like faygo?
Because it's pure shit, just like their music.
by Schwantz July 29, 2006
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A band called Insane Clown Posse, or ICP. They are a rap/metal hybrid that have created an occult-like religion. Whos followers are refered to as Juggalos/Juggalettes.
Ok this is my opinion. I don't see the point in this band, group, whatever. I consider myself a music enthusiast and know talent when I hear it. Now I know you might say "Just because they are not mainstream and they are different, you think they have no talent." Well this is untrue, I am a musician myself, and these two guys in ICP have hardly any musical talent. Now you are probably thinking "Just because they are not on MTV you hate them." Actually I HATE MTV with a passion. I don't listen to "popular music",all music today has lost it's talent. I listen to many different genres: classic rock,blues rock,blues,jazz,folk,southern rock,phycadelic, pre-80's pop,rockabilly,classical, and reggae. So I think I know what I'm talking about. And in my opinion all rap and hip-hop is just a disgrace to its Reggae and R&B roots. And the juggalos that I have seen are not the most intelligent people. And the guys in ICP are pro-wrestles for God's sake! Ok so people that follow this "religion". What evidence is there of your religion? What is the purpose of it? Also ICP's lyrics are pointless,rude,and vulgar. Cussing every sentence doesn't give your songs meaning. This band spreads a horrible message, I mean look at what they call there music, "Wicked Shit". And their stage presence. There make-up is just a cheap immitation of Kiss make-up. I mean look at it! Now I know you may call me a "hater", but you know what I don't care. I believe firmly in equality and peace, I am a firm enviromentalist and vegan. And all your music does is spread messages of hate. So all you "Juggalos and Juggalettes" please go find some pleasant and constructive music. May I suggest folk?
by digglefallen February 25, 2008
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The International Communist Party (ICP) was a left communist international which was also described as a Bordigist party. The strongest base of the party was Italy, in which, at one point, they had more than 50,000 members.

by Forever Remain January 01, 2008
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a group of fat kids n queers that dident make the foot ball team at school so thre pissd n think thre cool cuz they smoke weed and dont give a fuck about anything n act hard becuse thre with thre homies (sounds like sum gay shit to me) what im tryin to say is fuck ICP n all the queers that rep it if u dont like it write a comment pussy
kid1.whoop whoop juggalo

kid2..wtf is a juggalo a swingin ball sack

kid1.no dude its this band icp

kid2.get the fuck away from me
by white boi 831 October 11, 2008
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fuckin gay rappers who claim to be from detroit but aint

"claimin detroit when yall live 20 miles away"
-Eminem "Marshall Mathers"

by dennis da menace November 15, 2007
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