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Loading fresh greens (unburnt marijuana) on top of a semi-burnt bowl of weed.
Stoner 1: "Oh yea! Theres a partially bowl in this pipe."

Stoner 2: "Here, throw this little bit of weed ontop".
Stoner 1: "I'm going to call this 'icing the cake' for now on." Stoner 2: "You should put that on urban dictionary!!"
by skunkybud November 10, 2009
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When you shit all over the face and open mouth of a girl, the jerk a load off on top.
My friend Tom is a sick fuck. He wants to make movies about icing the cake.
by _D_A_S_ February 12, 2009
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Jizzing all over a girl's chest in an attempt to create a design similar to that which is found on a cake.
" I fucking jizzed all over Ksenia's chest and I made it look like Batman! She was screaming "Ice my cake, Ice my cake" so much I just had to do it. Plus, she likes it when we do it Batman style! Thats how we're icing the cake!"
by Andromedus September 27, 2007
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During oral pleasure, jizzing in her hand, and spreading it on ur mates face area.
After she blew my shlong, i jizzed in my hand, and slapped that dirty slut in the face.
by Craig November 10, 2004
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To pull out whilst receiving oral sex, cum on your girl's face, then throw a handful of icing sugar onto her face. The icing sugar sticks to the cum, and resembles a freshly iced cake.
Dicksmacker69: "I want to bake some cookies, have you seen the icing sugar?"

Troll: "Yeah, it's upstairs, your mom and I were Icing The Cake last night."
by Cockmongler6959 December 31, 2010
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When you go to a music festival or other event and they have grossly under-estimated attendance and massively skimped on port-o-potties. You enter for a #2. There is already a cone of scheiss adorning the seat, but you feel confident you can cast the last stone. With knees unbent and face to the door, you ice the cake with success.

Note: only one person can claim having iced the cake per port-o-potty; extra bragging rights if you wipe with a wife beater afterwords and swirl that around your prize to fashion it a makeshift crown of glory
When Mike finished icing the cake at Festeroo, he erupted from the port-o-potty exclaiming: "it's done, no more!"
by blessure grave February 25, 2010
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