A man who usually has no defining traits or skill, and is completely or close to completely incompetent
Liam Is a staight man because he is bald and likes women.
by LiamMcCauley January 24, 2021
A Group of little bitchs who have never tried drugs or drink.
Thinks they know everything about it when they never tried it. Well make fun of people who drink or do drugs. Even try to "Save them". HAve to make sure everyone knows they are "sXe".

By T-Shirts or have gay Xs on their hands.

Life by the saying

Drug-Free, Beer- Free and Better then YOU!

Likes to think they are better then everyone. Will find anything to get them a cheap high of feeling Cooler.

Listens to gay music like HIM, or CKY

Make up Rules of being sXe as they feel. Mainly their Sex rule.

Some many say "Wait till your married" others say "Sex with one person" and so on and so on.

Is knewn for getting in fights with others who aren't Staight Edge. (that is knewn as S.E.R. aka sXe Rage. Cause from a to clean of a systerm)
I'm Staight Edge and I'm better then you!
by TJ Alexis December 15, 2005