to ejaculate inside a woman's body; "cream on the inside, clean on the outside." reference: see "are the rims big/do they ride good" refering to a woman's breasts and sexual intercourse
I gave cathy an ice cream paint job and she thought I was wearing a rubber, now a baby daddy.
by i'm smarter than you August 22, 2009
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Refers to a motor vehicle that features a creamy interior, while also possessing an exceptionally clean exterior. This is analogous to an ice cream cone in which the "cream" is contained within the interior of the cone while the outside remains clean. Hence, the "Ice Cream Paint Job".
My new car has such a rich, creamy interior, and the exterior is just so clean; all my friends say that I've got an ice cream paint job.
by raplexicon June 28, 2009
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When a guy ejaculates in a girls vagina, keeping all the cream inside, and clean on the outside. In the song, said multiple times Cream on the inside, Clean on the outside, Ice cream paint job.
Justin: I was fucking my girl last night, and i gave her a Ice Cream Paint Job.

Eric: Cream on the inside clean on the outside?

Justin: Hell yeah man, Luckily she was on Birth Control.
by Cartmen125 October 01, 2010
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The Act Of Ejaculating All Over A Woman's Body. Usually Seen In Bukake .
Last Night , Me And Some Of The Boys Gave Jenny An Ice Cream Paint Job .
by Nate408 March 18, 2009
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