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1. (noun): an insult so harsh, that it is both freezing and red hot. Often used sarcastically, like after "your mom" jokes.
2. (verb): to insult in the manner described above.
1. Bob: "I was playing Madden 2007 last night."
Steve: "I was playing with YOUR MOM last night!"
Bob: "Ohhhhh, ICE BURN!

2. Steve: I totally ice burned you back there.
Bob: Yeah. Totally.
by Pete of Seatown October 14, 2006
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To be severely insulted by something that someone has said in retort to a comment already made.
Oohh, Damn! That girl really got you with that one, iceburn!!
by dj micro February 04, 2011
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Where you get a nice cold can of deoderant and hold it againsed (or close) to the skin, then press the button to unleash the icycold explosion within, leaving a nice smooth red patch of skin afterwards!
will was bored so he decided to have a game of iceburn's with jimmy!
by will barker June 22, 2008
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Putting salt on skin, then putting ice over it while pushing down.

We were drunk so we took salt and ice and gave each other an ice burn
by iceicebabyyy July 10, 2008
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spraying an aerosol on yourself, the coldness burns it
me n dave were playin wit lynx last week, he gave me an ice burn
by Joe Hurst June 26, 2005
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