Jack: puts salt and ice on skin
Vera: wtf are you doing youre gonna get 3rd degree burns dumbass whore
by mysticalbitch November 17, 2022
1.Salt and Ice - A game practiced by middle school and high school students. Salt is poured on an area of the arm/or hand and then an ice cube is placed on top. This will create a burning sensation. After the ice cube melts or you've had enough pain there will be a white scar which will eventually turn red and be extremely painful.
The game is played until someone has had enough pain. Salt can be added more and more to make the game have a quick effect. Perfect for deciding who gets the last piece of pizza.

2.Salt on Ice - Used to melt ice off icy and snowy roads

Salt and Ice combined makes stuff colder too and can be used for making home made ice cream.
Erik and Jonathan played salt and ice to determine who got the last piece of pizza.

by dawginacar100 June 10, 2007
A challenge where you and some friends pour salt to a body part (supposedly the back of your hand) and then adding ice to that area and seeing who can last the longest. Adding ice to the salt on a body part causes a frostbite experience and is really dangerous and stupid to do.
Dude, Brandon and I took the salt and ice challenge yesterday, and Brandon ended up burning himself but won it.
by Chris's_Zen May 5, 2013