People born on this day are the prettiest people on earth
Guy 1: I think that girl’s birthday is June 24
Guy 2: how do you know??
Guy 1: cause they are fine asf
by Thedumbassbornonjune24 March 18, 2020
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People who are born on June 24 are the prettiest girls/boys with the best color eyes and hair. Their hair is amazingly soft and curly. And they can always get the men/ladies
June 24 people are the best same with June 24,July24, July 15, January 24 and that’s it
by SupJune24people November 2, 2019
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This is the day where all sexy guys are born on. If you’re a guy and you’re born on June 24, you’re fine af, and you’re a keeper. You’re one in a million and if a girl gets a chance with you they should be grateful
Person 1: Omg, did you see that guy? He’s so hot.

Person 2: of course he’s hot, his birthday is June 24
by Addd fs 3 October 14, 2019
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It's June 24th, get the strap out, I'm going to peg you until you're hard enough to suck off.
by SourdoughBread April 10, 2021
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Where all hot guys get girlfriends if they are born on that day
Woah he’s so hot I’ma ask him out on June 24
by Your na October 28, 2019
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The most important day of the year where the most amazing mom was born
Me: it’s June 24 which means happy birthday mom
Mom: thank you so much sweetie
by Happybirthdaymom2021 June 17, 2021
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