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Apple's great new product that got a whole bunch of fans and preorders, then when it came out had service issues and required a case so it could have service.
Bill - "Hey, is that the new iPhone 4?"

Steve - "YES! Much better than your shitty phones. Oh wait I have a call coming in."

Bill - "Hi, Steve!"

Steve - "Wait...hold on...fuck...I have no signal here, just text me."
by bodiddles August 27, 2010
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A drinking game that plays as follows:
3 players and up

-A 2 player game is selected (ex. NHL, Madden, Mortal Kombat)
-The game is played
-Losers drinks the amount of points/touchdowns/etc. they've lost by (ex. 5-3 loss, drink 2 shots)
-The controller stays with the winner, the loser passes the controller
-Tournament finals may double the ante - 2 shots per lost point.

Guaranteed to get you hammered and you'll even have fun doing it.

Ages 3 and up.
"You think you're better at NHL than me? It's time for a Lose Off Booze Off"

"I was gonna come to church today, but I had a Lose Off Booze Off last night."

"How did I wind up in the hospital? I lost 11-2 in the Lose Off Booze Off finals."
by bodiddles March 30, 2015
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