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The (usually false) air of superiority someone develops when they have a lot of Apple products. It's a play on the letter "i" used by Apple for most of its products, and the word "ego."
John: I have the iMac, the iPod, the iSink, the iPlant, and the Mac Book Wheel! I'm so awesome.

Jane: You need to get your iGo in check, John!

John: OH! I'm also buying an iPhone too!
by Chaz Walker February 11, 2009
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An abbreviation (generally in sports, specifically softball) for I got it!
As the ball flew through the outfield, the left fielder called off the other players saying β€œIgo! Igo!”
by The ultimate definor 3 October 13, 2020
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instead of i go both ways (which means bi)
i go would mean no preference

often used in bios
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by meow46275 April 11, 2021
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- You two dating?
- Yea , son. We’re IGO.
- Dayum!
by D0nP May 25, 2019
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(I) - I
(G) - Got
(O) - Owned

Pronounced - eye go
Like, I got hacked.
Samus06: omg igo AGAIN :(
by 6alex9 August 14, 2006
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Indonesian girls only, a term used often in a forum thread to request a picture of beautiful, cute, and also astonishing girls that are stricted to be Indonesian only.
Igo aja ya, jangan yang lain.
by IndogamersPro April 28, 2018
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An obsession of apple products which makes he/she only prefer Apple over all others.
They want all things apple.
If only Sam could see beyond his igo, he would clearly be able to explore new horizons.
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by We_Bake_Words March 07, 2019
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