The (usually false) air of superiority someone develops when they have a lot of Apple products. It's a play on the letter "i" used by Apple for most of its products, and the word "ego."
John: I have the iMac, the iPod, the iSink, the iPlant, and the Mac Book Wheel! I'm so awesome.

Jane: You need to get your iGo in check, John!

John: OH! I'm also buying an iPhone too!
by Chaz Walker February 11, 2009
Irish surname, meaning strong willed, patient, great communicator and leader of men.
We will follow Igoe into battle!
by Tunatonic88 March 14, 2018
- You two dating?
- Yea , son. We’re IGO.
- Dayum!
by D0nP May 26, 2019
An abbreviation (generally in sports, specifically softball) for I got it!
As the ball flew through the outfield, the left fielder called off the other players saying “Igo! Igo!”
by The ultimate definor 3 October 13, 2020
(I) - I
(G) - Got
(O) - Owned

Pronounced - eye go
Like, I got hacked.
Samus06: omg igo AGAIN :(
by 6alex9 August 14, 2006
Indonesian girls only, a term used often in a forum thread to request a picture of beautiful, cute, and also astonishing girls that are stricted to be Indonesian only.
Igo aja ya, jangan yang lain.
by IndogamersPro April 28, 2018
A meal beyond your wildest dreams: full of meat, gravy, potatoes, cheese, dough, and sugar. One that'll feed a 1,000 men upon return from battle and keep thy bodies nourished for 1,000 plus days.
(A.) Wanna come ova fer an igo-feast this Thanksgiving? If so, you better wear a pants size, or two, larger.

(B.) I'll put a ring on that there gal's finger only if she know how to prepare a proper igo-feast... even if I'm not that hungry.
by SunshineLW January 23, 2012