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A peculiar phrase in Hindi which means to SMOKE. A verb derivative of the word, SUTTA which means cigarette.
S: Come-on! I feel I get too excited to Suttiyana lately, Is it a bad thing?
A: Chill it.

When it's raining, suttiyana is a must.
by We_Bake_Words May 07, 2019

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It's a Hindi+English word. To annoy in a funny manner, without exactly irritating the person.

Is an equivalent of roasting someone.
Aasia : Aye, why you sataoin my gal
Sai : Come-on! She asked for it!
by We_Bake_Words March 21, 2019

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A bag that is ridiculously small that resembles a bikini( top ), in terms of color when worn by lumpy/bulky people.
That ain't a bag, That a bagini.

A: Look at you, Who wears a bag too small.
B: Who says it's a bag, It a bagini.
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by We_Bake_Words April 13, 2019

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The first cigarette one has during the morning. You feel the buzz a little more than the rest of the day.
My boi, A says you wake up early in the morning, and grab that good morning smokes, you do that and the day goes smooth as a smoke!
by We_Bake_Words April 10, 2019

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An obsession of apple products which makes he/she only prefer Apple over all others.
They want all things apple.
If only Sam could see beyond his igo, he would clearly be able to explore new horizons.
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by We_Bake_Words March 07, 2019

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