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verbal communication of a threat. can be mentioned as an action to carry out against another person, (ex: "girl, i will cut him. girl, yes i will") or can be communicated directly to someone. direct communication of this threat is usually preceded or followed by another threat to get "suhkurrity" involved.

made famous by bon qui qui of MAD tv.
bon qui qui: "girl, i will cut him. girl, yes i will. you remember what happened last time right when he had said you done hooked up with tracy? and i had fount out he did? girl, i cut him"

king burger patron: "hi, can i get a #5 with a boneless, skinless chicken that is slightly seasoned?"

bon qui qui: (laughs sarcastically) "no! suhkurrity! suhh-kurrity. she need to go. need to go."

king burger manager: "bon qui qui. what?"

bon qui qui: "sir, she be trying to fight me sir"

king burger patron: "no i wasn't!"

bon qui qui: "girl, i will cut you"

king burger manager: "i'm sorry, she's from our out of the hood program"
by emmagee21 July 31, 2009
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Verbial Phrase: What Kelsey and Maggie are going to do to Lexie because she is pretending to be in a comatose state and does not respond to their extensions of potential growths in their friendships.
Kelsey: O.M.G. Maggie, is that Lexie?
Maggie: L.O.L. I totally think it is...

Lexie casually strolls up

Lexie: Hey guys...Sup?
Kelsey: Sup?
Lexie: Yeah...Sup? What's Good Witcha?
Maggie: Are you Fuhrull?
Lexie: Huh?
Kelsey: I WILL CUT YOU!!!
by Killer Kelsey February 01, 2009
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