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a phrase said to notify anyone in the area that you're that you use Funnyjunk. This is then replied with "with or without wings?"

If you find your Funnyjunk brethren, you knuckletouch to celebrate.
person 1: "i smell bacon"
person 2: "with or without wings?"
*knuckle touch*
by raawrimadiinosaurr May 18, 2010
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The police are coming; The police are here
"Shit yo when andre was like i smell bacon i was like damn nigga, the po po is comin.
"werd, den wut happened?"
"Nigga, once the 5-0 cracked dat joint i kicked it off da heezy and bounced."
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a saying from funnyjunk to identify felllow Junkies in real life. When you suspect someone is a Junkie, but your not sure, you would say "i smell bacon..." if they say "with or without wings?" you fist bump and become friends.
"...and i was all like FUCK YEA" bragged kim.
"I smell bacon..." you reply
"With or without wings?"

*fist bump*
by funnyjunkie May 18, 2010
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here come the police (bacon is a synonym for pigs)
As he drove pass the white car the His friend called out " I smell bacon " as he looked at the windows.
by Light Joker October 14, 2006
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Code phrase for a member of One must always respond to this with the phrase, 'With or without wings?'
Teacher: "Class, please turn to page 69 in your textboo-"
DSend: "WAIT! I smell bacon!"
EmperorColo: "with or without wings?"
by funnyjunkie43 May 31, 2010
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A phrase said loudly by petty criminals to the person next to you in the vicinity of a policeman.
*policeman gets on the rain*

sniff sniff, i smell bacon!

by kung-fu jesus August 21, 2004
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