crazy, rowdy, stupid, bay area version of crunk
I can't wait for the party, i'm just gonna go and get hella hyphee.
by soysauce510 March 9, 2004
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Etymology: Etymology: San Francisco Bay Area, shortened perhaps from English dialect "hyperactive"; other sources cite a combination of "hype" and "fly." Popularized by E-40 and the Federation's song "Hyphy" (2004); first known use on record by Keak Da Sneak in 1998 (on "Cool," from his LP Sneakacidle).
1 : dangerous and irrational: CRAZY;
2 : amusingly eccentric; without inhibition: GOOFY "they were getting hyphee up in the club saturday night."
by angelbaby85 May 24, 2006
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westcoast crunk, originated in oakland , cali
king of.....hyphee....oh shit
by kickak March 9, 2005
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go stupid go dumb.
a word that originated in the bay.
its a style of dance that requires shaking of yo' body.
Yo' I'm gonna go stupid, dumb, retarded.. and ride the yellow bus mayn, cuz I'm all about the hyphee
by Jovana :) August 1, 2006
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roudy, stepin up or flashin on somebody.
Them parties be hecka hyphee; Oh, he tryna get hyphee wit me.

roudy, crazy
by Nikko February 5, 2004
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Crazy, TIGHT, crunk.
(Claremont version of the Bay Area word.)
by cmont'slexicon February 8, 2005
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I'm hella mad cuz he got me all hyphee about stuff
by Shivvy February 18, 2004
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