The time one spends at home with friends and massive quantities of alcohol. This is usually preceded by a hurricane which one did not evacuate from. Usually accompanied by a lack of electrical power. Good times.
Heather, "Ok, so we have two cases of Corona, two cases of Lone Star and a few bottles of wine, will that be enough for our hurrication?"

Lisa, "Yeah, that should be enough, however we don't have any ice, water, batteries or candles. We'll be great."
by Abberatia September 30, 2008
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When you are so used to evacuating for a hurricane that never comes that you use the event as an excuse for a vacation or as a "Hurri-cation"
My family looks forward to evacuating during hurricane season every year so we can plan our "Hurri-cation."
by KGuerriero August 31, 2008
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Vacation resulting from a hurricane or a tropical storm. Mostly applicable to Floridians.
Thank God for Katrina! No school! Hurrication! WEWT! (Even better cuz Katrina sucked ass, and we got to go to the movies!!)
by Joebobbaggins August 28, 2005
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The time you miss from work or other unpleasant duties, while waiting out a hurricane.
We were not in danger of a direct hurricane hit, but we expected rain, winds, and possible flooding. Even with a couple of days off work, the dread made it impossible to fully enjoy the hurrication.
by Soibean September 13, 2017
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HURRICATION, (hur-i-KAY-shun), n.

The unexpected day off of work or school resulting from a nearby hurricane, producing enough rain and wind to shut everything down for a day or two, but not enough of a direct hit to cause damage or worry.
Hurricane Helen was only a category one storm but it was enough to have a few days of hurrication from school!
by Nuschler 121 January 01, 2015
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