Not originally from jerkcity! >.< blarg!

Originally a charcitature of a dumb sounding laugh "hurr hurr hurr"

1. An idiot's laugh
2. An alternate version of "duh" for use on really fucking stupid people.
3. A greeting
4. Something to say when there's nothing else to say.
5. An exclamation which basic meaning is "oh how obvious!"
You: <tells a joke>
Idiot: hurr hurr hurr!

Idiot: Wow I didn't know post it notes came in other colors!
You: Hurr.

Person: yo, what's up?
You: HURR!!

Person: And then he died.
You: hurr.

You: Fuck, it wasn't plugged in after all! Hurr!
by NecroVMX June 28, 2003
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Ghetto slang for hair
originated from the top youtube sensation gloZell
"i hope he liked my hurr cause i dyed it with koolaid!"
by glozelluvrz May 3, 2010
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Ghetto way of syin hair
gurl i gotta go get my hurr done
by Jazmine December 12, 2003
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A snooty scene-kid way of saying hair. It's usually followed by twenty pictures of their Beatle-esqu haircut and their photoshopped face.
"I got a hurrrr cut! Now I look like my boyfriend, here are pictures!"
by Manhattan Project May 2, 2005
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1a. The the greater Hurr!!
1b. HurrHurrHurrHurrHurrHurrHurr

2. HurrHurrHurrHurrHurr

3. Michael F. started HurrHurrHurrHurr
by RoffleChoppers n' Lawlipops November 8, 2006
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verb: to hurr is to stand about guffawing at something a tiny and misunderstood peer group finds inexplicably hilarious.
Nerd1: I hurred at that video of shoop da woop!

Nerd2: Yeah man, LOL.
by mikfoz February 19, 2008
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what people say when they are HAMMERED
Kid: " Dude last night you were HURRRRRRRRRRRRRRing"
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