Jerkcity is the best webcomic ever, update d daily. It chronicles the lives of Rands, Spigot, Pants, Deuce, and their largely homosexual friends.

Typical strips include Unix jokes, cocksucking jokes, fat jokes, and everything else that other webcomics lack.
Jerkcity is made using MS Comic Chat; the creator of Jerkcity was almost killed in the 9/11 disaster.
"Bubble-lipped faggotronics"
by t spigot May 12, 2004
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I hate it when they don't take it out right away, like, enough already, but he's all "actually I need to finish" so I just bend there and take it "Hmm, I'll be done in a minute" while I have that dopey bored look on my face.

I'll have a croissandwich and a glass of rape!
by toten sonntag February 12, 2004
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The worst web comic in existance. Nobody laughs because it is funny; it is so blatantly un-funny that it is laughable.
That one comic was OK, but the other one was trash - pure Jerkcity.
by dndndn September 27, 2004
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