marijuana , herb , ganja ,skunkies,weed, reefe, pot, Mary jane
that dude had some wicked huna
by Matty September 23, 2003
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For clit stimulation from the seam of your jeans.
Molly was riding to the store when Huna Huna came about.
by reallyKJ August 3, 2009
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(Grays) Harbor Huna's are a unique breed of whale found in Grays Harbor County, Washington. The areas surrounding Aberdeen, Westport, and Ocean Shores Washington are home to a little known breed of land dwelling whale species.

These lard creatures are easily spotted with their young in the wild due to their enormous size, distinct dirt crease markings around fleshy folds, their exuberantly loud braying, and natural musk of unwashed flesh and malodor.

They are most often spotted with packs of their young most often numbering 3 or more offspring a piece. While their natural habitat is diverse ranging from the welfare office, to the goodwill their breeding grounds are more secluded.

When a Harbor Huna spots a small feeble male with no standards she entices him with food and shelter. The Huna then lures the male prey to her double wide trailer or section 8 apartment for breeding.

The Harbor Huna can often be caught with a bag of methamphetamine, or while on the hunt for a mate at the northwest passage.
Well it looks like uncle snagged himself a Harbor Huna cousin......
by AKnottyPine October 12, 2022
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Te Huna is an amazing person. Beautiful inside and out. One of a kind type of person. Self-less and loving and will do anything for her friends. Kind hearted and sexy. A cry baby though
"Yo look it's Te Huna"
"bloody sexy"
by daddykinky December 15, 2020
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When the number of females in an environment overwhelmingly exceeds the amount of males present.
Sue and Pixie slept in my bed last night. It was a real huna fest!
by Gdiz February 11, 2013
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A sloppy person. Someone who makes a mess. Someone who can't eat without dropping food on themselves.
Look at the food on his shirt, what a schlup hunas!
by Hey Lo August 1, 2015
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