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A brainwashed college student stuck in a fantasy world created by his professors who also live in that world; due to the fact that the professors themselves do not actually work in the real world. (or even a full time schedule)
A person who sees the government as something evil....although that same gov't gives and protects their freedom on a daily basis by going to war with sandniggers that want to kill us.
Hey look at those human sheilds/protestors/hypocrites protesting outside of the military base.
Wow, don't they understand that those soldiers are protecting them from harm and giving them their freedom?
Gee, I guess not.
Yep, just one more reason to keep abortion legal.
by hooper March 14, 2004
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An underpaid person that tries to educate kids. But can't. Because:
1. Kids are not allowed to be beaten.
2. Parents in America are useless and don't beat their kids.
3. Rap music.
4. Cell phones.
The kids passed on into the next grade, even though they couldn't read or write.
We wouldn't want them to feel left out and hurt their feelings, so we pushed them through anyways.
The future of America is looking pretty sweet!
by hooper May 15, 2004
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Cable TV company that cost at least $50 a month to watch. And with that you get endless comercials and "Romancing The Stone" played over and over again. Oops, almost forgot...you get to watch the news! And Premium Movie Channels!(Romancing The Stone, Big, JAWS 3 ) If you want to watch a good movie it'll cost you extra.PPV.
Cable thieves cost us to lose $5 million a year. Turn cable thieves in and we won't do anything for you. We're saving to buy Disney for $60 BILLION. But we are hurting financially so keep busting on you neighbors.
by hooper May 16, 2004
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A person or person(s) who are against abortion because they believe killing a living thing is wrong. Although they will kill you if you don't agree with them. They also have a lot of time on their hands...can be seen holding pictures of dead babies on busy sidewalks during working hours.
by hooper January 25, 2004
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A device for communicating with others needlessly. Day in. Day out. Whenever. Wherever. Good for holding up lines in stores, traffic, etc. Also the latest technology found in ghettos-overtaking the more common "boom box".
Typical cell phone conversation: Hey, where you at? I'm over here. Oh. What? I dunno. I'll be there in 5 seconds....oh wait I can see you! Hey! Whats up? Wait...let me call you back. Why? Huh? Can you here me? Guess what? My phone bill was only $90 this month. Etc.....
by hooper January 24, 2004
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Sometimes used to specify certain parking places....although 95 percent of those with handicap placards aren't truly handicapped. Just fat and lazy.
Mommy there's a handicap spot right there! I can ride my wheelchair right into the store! Sorry little Suzie, but that fat nigger with 6 kids needs it more than we do.
by hooper January 24, 2004
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Shoulder fired weapon the fires a high speed rocket. Used for shooting down airplanes, helicopters etc.
The US military has stinger missles, but never needs them because America's enemies don't even get the chance to fly their planes. They are blown up on the ground.
by hooper May 16, 2004
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