the main way people stay alive in halo. even when shot in the heart with a fucking fifty cal sniper rifle.
-dude that sniper just took down my sheilds
-ya i saw that shot go right through your heart, man thats so unrealistic.
by Mr. A and B the C of D January 28, 2010
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A pussy sheild is the equivalent to a cock block for guys.
Goddammit mom you're such a pussy sheild!!!

Caroline was expecting willam to pound her poon but Margaret was a pussy sheild.
by Carosuckedwilliam February 10, 2017
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(noun) used in the pick-up community when a woman acts in a bitchy way after being approached. An attactive woman is approached many times a day by guys wanting to attract her. In order to deter lesser men she puts on an act of being a bitch to sheild her from these guys
"Man, let me tell you. After a few negs her bitch sheild was down and she really opened up."
by EmeraldPUA May 20, 2006
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It means you are gay and like boys like someone saying you are a matty sheilds
by @carmichael__ February 18, 2018
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Ethan is a very nice blessing person, he wil always be there for you, be your bestfriend and never let you down. He keeps his word and is a very compatible irish youngster :).
Ethan Sheilds!
by imsureyouknowwhoiam November 12, 2020
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word steming from (and i base this on absolutly nothing) midevil england when during wars they would send the peasants to sheild warriors from arrows and attacks with their bodies, which were,i believe, made of meat.
Fighter from FF1
by Chaos April 23, 2004
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