May 18th is National ask your crush day good luck
Darrick: holly shit it’s may 18th uk wah dat means

Jacob: yea time to see if she like me bck
by 88137 May 16, 2018
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Pick your girl up an eat her out so good it drives her crazy
Ima go eat my girls puss on may 18th
by Eatthatcat33 May 19, 2018
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If you are born on this day your are beautiful . You are highly intelligent and love animals . When people are horrible you get angry . But if somebody treats u kindly u do . Your pet peeve is rude people
Oh yeah she was born in may 18th she’s so kind and hot
by Hellopeeps12949 October 24, 2020
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if your born on this day then you got the biggest titties in town baby!
damn she was defiantly born on may 18th ,look at those man!
by nunyabeeswax123 October 30, 2019
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May 18th is the official Julie day. It is the day we celebrate all the julies, and give them some extra looove. If you know someone named Julie, give them a hug on this day. That is importsant.
Frida: Omg, Julie, it's your day today! Do you want a hug?
Julie: Yes please. I would kill for a good huggie right now!

Frida: Does anyone know what day it is?
Peter: it's the international Julie day!
parker: Oh, I have to go hug Julie, my mom.
Bruce: Oh it's May 18th!

Julie: thank you for hugging me.
by Peepee Parker May 11, 2021
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national soapy titty pics day.

Today is the day where you ask a bhadman for them honkin' bazoobs to be smeared in dawn ultra and have an image sent directly to your private folder.
Some Bozo: Hey what day is it today?

Average man: are you a fucking tart? It's May 18th otherwise known as National Soapy Titty Pics Day!
by Chadislav May 19, 2021
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If you were born on May 18th you are probably a gay bitch and your name is something like "Conner" like bro stfu.
Bro you were born on May 18th? Haha gay
by The guy who made Ranso October 28, 2020
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