Art History is a class in which you learn to analyze art. You also learn the history behind said art. It is considered a fairly easy class to take in College. If you put forth an effort, you'll actually learn the basics of analyzing art though.

Most people do not take into consideration just how boring it can be.
You are looking up Art History on Urban Dictionary because you are trying to do an Art History paper and are bored out of your mind.
by Conbus71 April 19, 2010
1.) The most useless major next to Philosophy (with about the same number of pretentious douchebags enrolled as well).

2.) A class to take if you wish to be semi-educated in art without having to put in the effort required to effectively hone an artistic craft.
The majority of my Intro. to Art History class last semester was filled with hipsters who were obsessed with Andy Warhol, Lomography, and Juxtapoz Magazine.
by Humberttt December 9, 2007
the most useless major ever. In an art history class, you will find bums, starbucks-loving-hippies, and the smell of 3 day old sperm. They will be complaining that they got a job for $12k a year pay, when it is their fault they were too lazy to apply themselves to real world applications. We don't give a shit about piccasso.
Art History Teacher: "Welcome to Art History 101. We will study and analyze the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso, and the late Duke of England....."

Liberal Student: "That will be so neat. I will make fortunes selling my own paintings to Bill Gates."

Me: *snoring and falling asleep*
by partyrockstar222 September 1, 2015
art history is a fucking liberal arts class i fucking have to take if i want to fucking graduate. fuck. art history is a class for martial arts instructors to teach in their spare time (which is all the time apparently) and then they act all weird and fucking demonstrate neck grabs and act creepy in class, while showing 2 slides in 3 hours and asking me "where does it start," to which i reply, "what the fuck are you fucking talking about, you stupid twat."
if i skip art history again i am going to fucking fail.

art history is gay.
by fit student April 7, 2004
That crazy class that is still cool cuz you see a lot of happy pictures like the black square
why are you not looking at the pics, you are in my art history class!
by laker April 25, 2004
The most uselss major on earth, mostly taken by people who have no artistic ability but still want to be considered artist.
Art history major: ahh I love the arts but can't draw

Engineer major: you piece of shit

Art history major: you're so closed minded
by hillert October 20, 2013