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something that seems to be of great importance or a big deal that is perhaps unnecessary.
"We wanted to throw you a birthday party!"
"Well, it wasn't worth all this hullabaloo!"
by Betsty June 25, 2005
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.n. A state of action, loud, exciting, trouble and often chaotic
Children are arguing grand parent comes in
"What's all this Hullabaloo?" (which means- What's going o here? usually refering to noise)


"Shall we go check out this new club everyone one is raving about?"
"ye lets go see what all the hullabaloo is about"
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the first word of the phrase "hullabaloo caneck caneck" which is the start of the Texas A&M University War Hymn; represents the sound a cannon ball makes as it rolls down the barrel of the cannon while being loaded.
"Hullabaloo caneck caneck! Goodbye to Texas University..."
"Hullabaloo caneck caneck! A-WHOOP!"
by Chelsey Noel January 30, 2007
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Noun. A word that has deep origins within the state of Rl. This word is used by a lot of famous swimmers, including Olympian Michael Phelps. The maximum usage of this word is once every six months. If you use this word more than once every six months, extreme screeching and sudden outbursts of high pitched noises have been reported.
Teacher to class: "Well it seems to me that the IFRS reaction to this issue is a wheel barrow load of hot steaming hullabaloo. I haven't seen this much hullabaloo since the Enron fiasco." (Insert high pitched screech)
by Majorie Donhugo October 26, 2011
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Crazy, Nonsense. A word used when extremely frusterated. * May take place of a swear. When someone makes a mistake "oh shit" "HULLABLOO!!"
Frusterated Person: "urghh HULLABALOO!!
by Allie916 January 16, 2009
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A long running "Rave" Production Company. Started in 1997. Events occur generally every three months. Consists of mostly Happy Hardcore music.

Popularity has declined rapidly since 2000.
Are we going to get dressed up in fun fur and beads for the next hullabaloo?

Do you post on the Hullabaloo Message Board?
by ^SoJu^ July 26, 2004
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