The oldest living pimp who every man deserves to have as a model.
Hugh Hefner is so pimp that he is rivalring Bill Clinton.
by l337 December 20, 2004
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A real player and founder of PB!
I wish I could be as a player as Hugh is...
by pelimies January 27, 2005
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a GREAT AMERICAN HERO invented the first mens magazine playboy. also led the sexual revolution against conservative asswipes and feminist fucktards. he died a hero and is currently in heaven fucking sexy women including marilon Monroe.
by breast man98bbbbb2breastman89 February 14, 2019
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the founding publisher of Playboy and booster of the sexual revolution
The smartest thing Hugh Hefner did was establishing his image as an urbane sophisticate who got all the chics. Imagine how much less successful he would have been if he instead depicted himself as a solitary masturbator.
by mandingoh December 10, 2004
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Man that old guy named Hugh Hefner is like 90 and is getting more sex than a porn star.
by giggaty giggaty February 12, 2012
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The inventor of Playboy magazine. Considered immoral, but he is still a genius, and above all, he knows how to throw parties.
"Hugh Hefner is a true American icon."
by Dave May 21, 2004
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