Melissa has a huge gravel pit! You could get lost in that thing!
by BobbyO August 15, 2006
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1. a mystery unraveling
2. Boston Punk Rock Band
Report it to the gravel pit.
by sah January 31, 2003
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when you make your partner eat peanuts or other assorted nut items for a week straight and then perform anal intercourse.
I fed that bitch cashews for a week and then hit the gravel pit.
by Matt and Ben March 9, 2008
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When you wrap your bare ass cheeks around some unfortunate soul's nose (preferably while they're sleeping) and let a fart rip.
I gave my girlfriend a gravel pit cause the ho blueballed me last night.
by hippy March 10, 2004
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"Dude last night I was so drunk, I gravel pitted Rhonda"
by Beezykeezy December 19, 2012
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A drink containing:
5 parts strawberry tangerine crystalyte
2 parts oj
1 part redbull
1 part vodka
some whole blueberries on top

invented in the southbay
by grvlpt July 2, 2009
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