"How should I" I literally made an urban dictionary account for just one post. If ur from MSP hi, you should auto me for my hard work. If you're not, then Hi swell, idk if people will even ever use this acronym, but meh. My msp is - 2L@4m3 go check it out. I couldn't fit "how should I celebrate" in the title so I decided to be extra and do this. Ur welcome. Bai.
"hsi celebrate" "Hsi go about choosing my bias?" "hsi dress for warped tour this year?" "hsi kill my friend for g-noting me?"
by dat boi Chenle July 21, 2018
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Wei Hsi is a “woman” with a gamma personality…she lives with the belief she is able to marry 2D men because of her inability to get bitches. Her mannerisms all scream GAMMA and her inferiority complex makes her very submissive and bottom like. But we all love Wei hsis because she’ll do anything for you!
by Ryoka’s hairy ballsack December 26, 2022
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A gaming community over xbox 360 live based on a military ranking stucture. HSI stands for Honor-Strength-Integrity, and is owned by three owners.
by HSI HONOR 3 October 21, 2009
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An annoying girl who drops hair all over the floor. She likes tea but never finishes her cup.
Chen Ying-Hsi. A.K.A. Annoying Taiwanese-Girl
by Egg Guy April 27, 2020
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A worshipper of the Jade/Hsi-Wu couple, which was completly ignored despite being the most valued and emotional aspect of Jackie Chan Adventures, most fans abandoned the show in drones after no attempt was made to follow up on this, as it was a breathtaking peice of original writing.
Jade blew a kiss at Hsi-Wu in the "Eighth Door" proving she still loves him
by David Griffin February 18, 2005
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Quite a gorgeous person but can be shy when meeting new people but very outgoing in their comfort zone
I always see Eh Hsi smiling at others so lovely
by By me Unknown November 22, 2021
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