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A worshipper of the Jade/Hsi-Wu couple, which was completly ignored despite being the most valued and emotional aspect of Jackie Chan Adventures, most fans abandoned the show in drones after no attempt was made to follow up on this, as it was a breathtaking peice of original writing.
Jade blew a kiss at Hsi-Wu in the "Eighth Door" proving she still loves him
by David Griffin February 18, 2005
A new, anime revamp of the popular Sonic The Hedgehog video game character, and is another in the long list of BAD Sonic cartoons (seriously, SATAM is the only good one), both the original and dubbed versions suck as.

The addition of human chracters and a two year relocation to Earth completly tarnished the unique aspects of Sonics' world, Robotnik reverts to the name "Eggman", his original name in Japan, for this new version as well, this show seems to have a divided fanbase, the fans of the show being total four year old or retarded dumbasses, and the other being fans of the much missed SATAM cartoon that actually had a script and a direction.
Listen to that homo-erotic theme song
by David Griffin February 10, 2005
Drug-addicted overated bump machine who cost himself his job at WWE, his sloppy ring skills are not helpled by his constant drug use and constant risk-taking that break his body down every minute.

He is still adored by certain female virgins who will get laid and will never wake up to see the person needs help, his brother, Matt Hardy, still remains with the WWE, because he does'nt take drugs, and because he can actually WRESTLE.
TLC matches, when Jeff was excellent.
by David Griffin February 10, 2005
A fan of wrestling who

1. Does not, or chooses not to, follow the backstage politics of the actual sport

2. Prefers to beleive in the characters and angles they watch unfold on telivision as "real", unaware of how choreographed and pre-arranged it is

3. Prefers to cheer for a specific wrestler even if general consesus by thr Intenet majority is that they suck balls.

4. Is a total dumbass redneck member of the audience who needs to stop living in 1998 and learn the days of Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock are long dead.
Oh my god, Hogan ran over The Rock, that's real! The Undertaker is still a great wrestler
by David Griffin February 18, 2005
A song produced a while ago by music group Dark Materia, using varuious lines spoken by Patrick Stewarts' classic character of Captain Jean-Luc Picard...of the U.S.S Enterprise, from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The song became incredibly popular on the ytmd website with a memorable loop that repeated the main chorus over and over again, prompting new listeners to hear the full version on various websites.
Heres' to the finest crew in Starfleet
by David Griffin April 19, 2005
The name given to a supporter of the most obvious couple on the animated show "Teen Titans", Beast Boy/Raven has been hinted more times than other fan admired couples such as Robin/Raven and Raven/Cyborg
Nevermore, Aftershock Part 2, Spellbound, and The Beast Within, are all classic examples of the Beast Boy/Raven relationship, "Spellbound" featured the most intimate moment of the relationship thus far when Raven hugged Beast Boy after Beast Boy eased her heartbreak over a betrayal.
by David Griffin February 10, 2005
Animated series featuring Jackie Chan in a series of fictional adventures, aided by his fictious neice Jade Chan and his uncle "Uncle", he fights the forces of evil and collects various artifacts over various seasons to prevent them falling into cruel hands.

The highly respected series took a downward spiral in Season Three when the plots were all re-hashed and Jade became an annoying bitch.
Jackie Chan Adventures season three featured Jackie trying to gather animals infected with the mystical energies of magic Talismans.
by David Griffin February 18, 2005