The designated leader in a jail block who runs that block. Usually angry, black, and a lifer.
Hey Houseman, this fool never flushes the toilet..
by MohammedMudSlap! August 4, 2008
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The inability to reach orgasm during coitus.
After consuming several alcoholic beverages, Steve pulled a Mixon while attempting to have intercourse with his girlfriend.
by Drew Peacock February 24, 2005
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(adj.) denoting a creature which is not quite cro magnum yet not a homo sapien; of caveman origins, however current habitat for the creature is a house.
1. My especially hairy neighbor, Donald, is a lesser evolved houseman.

2. Watch as lesser evolved houseman dilligently vaccums and dusts his newly purchased ranch home.
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Honestly, Definitely has a huge Ddick. Pretty good at basketball and a bit of a nerd.
Kenneth Houseman has a big dick!
by UR moms pp September 27, 2021
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