a reorganization of a business, government entity, or organization, especially with presumed intention of dismissing dishonest or incompetent officials/employees
They talk about a house-cleaning, yet they barely took any action.
by The Return of Light Joker October 06, 2010
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when a person wants to shrink their personal network; network of friends, acquaintances, collegues; ridding themselves of un-needed/un-wanted people.
I have way too many people in my life; need to do some personal house cleaning, so I can focus more on the people who mean more to me.

When de-friending facebook friends = personal house cleaning
by winnipegdude January 25, 2012
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To clean house is to delete all the people on facebook that you don't give a shit about.
"This weekend I unfriended Mara, Sara, Autumn, and Jackie. Yeah, It was a clean house Saturday!"
by tosh daniels February 07, 2012
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To be in the process of either

-To be effortlessly winning at any form of gambling where one plays against The "house" or "bank". Now extended to also mean effortlessly winning at friendly card games or any form of gambling.

-To be pulverising the opposition when heavily outmubered. Can refer to massacres, brawls or anything similar.
"He was cleaning house at the craps table last night"

"He's cleaning house at the drugs den because he has a wicked AK."

"The undertaker is in the ring and is cleaning house."
by Gumba Gumba February 25, 2004
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Literal definition: Cleaning a dirty house/home.

Figurative definition: Getting rid of unwanted baggage in one's life, such as bad "friends" or fake people.

"My house is so dirty!"
"Looks like you need to clean house!"


"That girl is such a bad friend and not worth my time."
"Girl, it's time to clean house!!"
by highschoolneverends July 28, 2009
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1. to win big at gambling
2. to empty a place, such as killing everyone or farting so bad it drives everyone out
3. a huge crap that pretty much puts your bowels on E (empty)
I fully cleaned house with the crap I just took.
by Bud E Love May 14, 2003
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