Corporatese for "fired." Derives from the passive-aggressive nature's response to the pressure to act in a way that can be deemed "not too nice."
"I'm sorry to inform you that you've been reorganized."
"Dude! I've been reorganized!"
"There has been a lot of reorganization around here."
by Po-mo Superstar December 9, 2004
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The act of promoting oneself under the guise that it is for the good of the company. Usually performed by a senior staff member. See also: Fauxmotion
We're happy to announce that our reorganization has resulted in the promotion of Lawrence P. Merriweather from Senior Director to SuperDuper Senior Director.
by Bjork Van Patten December 10, 2004
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Rearranging the mess into another form of mess
Dudette : Dude, your room looks like a hurricane just hit it...

Dude : What are you talking about? I just reorganized everything again.

Dudette : Yeah well, it still looks like a mess.

Dude : Get out of my man cave now.
by nuthead August 1, 2009
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A fancy term used by your employer that means you will be taking on the workloads of those recently laid-off without an increase in salary or benefits.
Good morning folks! I brought you together this morning to let you know the exceedingly good news that we've just undergone a successful structural reorganization that is certain to please our board of directors and stockholders! Let's have a cheer for us!
by Bailey Wu Xiang October 21, 2009
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