the last possible time at which we can change for the better and correct our faults;The last moment when change is possible.(relates to the the many environmental problems facing humanity)
we have to change before the 11th hour, because by then it will be to late.. environment
by joshy pooooo August 6, 2008
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The bitching hour is when the parental unit comes down en masse with criticisms of your habitual failures, laziness, and poor grades.
The reports come out today. It's time for the bitching hour.
by Cranberry Bob January 17, 2020
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If you refer to a time as an ungodly hour, you are emphasizing that it is very early in the morning.
Still up at this ungodly hour. So sleepy but I can't sleep :(
by palemisfits January 4, 2014
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A redundancy in military jargon signifying the exact hour for an operation to begin. Big "H" for "big hour".
The invasion of the enemy held island began at H-Hour, 05:00.
by Joe Rodolico February 9, 2007
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a specific time in the night when you text people for sex. 11pm- 3am
better start texting your hoes. it's demon hours
by ELiisnotmyname October 12, 2020
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blue hour is the period of twilight that comes just after sunset. it typically happens at around 5:53, where the day turns to night. its also the title track of tomorrow x together's album 'minisode1 : blue hour'. its a really fun popish beat with a whimsical fairytale video, paired with emotionally touching lyrics about love, yet it doesnt come off as even a little cliche. its a very unique and refreshing concept that the band executed very well.
'hey, have you listened to 'blue hour' by txt ??'
'i have !! i think this is my favorite comeback of their's so far'
'i cant explain this, but its like soda pop sparkle crackle'
'i thought that too !! and yeonjun, taehyun, and beomgyu killed it in those crop tops. theres no wonder they're called the fourth gen it group !!'
by fallen for soob October 26, 2020
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A sensation, feeling or a state of mind that comes to a person late in the night (usually after 01:00am) which feels like sadness, regret, heartbreak, depression, a bad mood or while smoking weed, drinking because of an ended relationship or even a bad life experience. In the end it's you against yourself !
We fell apart last week...I'm been having the worst After Hours since then, she did really broke my heart !
by Daddy_XO_17 April 27, 2020
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