A word used for coloured people in the western cape in south africa,who have profound khoisan ethnic facial features.Its considered by everyone to be a derogatory word and is not used in a normal,decent conversation
by blueskyes111 February 3, 2010
A person of color from Cape area in South Africa. Not white and not black. Brown skin color. Loves snoek/rugby and cheap wine.
The hotnot got drunk again on Oom Tas and beat up his wife
by ET September 8, 2003
A woman who looks hot from the rear, but ugly from the front. The term is generally used when a man is fooled as he approaches her from the rear.
Boy, did I get tricked by a hotnot today. This chick I was walking behind had nice long blond hair, a great ass and a hot body. Then she turned around and not only hurt my eyes, but my penis just shriveled. She was an old wrinkly woman thinking she could fool guys by dying her hair and wearing clothes that showed off her hot ass.
by Slo Joe Jizz August 31, 2010