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hot trash is a hot female that is basically trailer trash that would be smoking hot if she had some cash to fix herself up
dude i saw this chick in walmart with this hillbilly red neck, damn she was a fine piece of hot trash
by rydog May 30, 2005
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Nickname for the bad breath of 1950s actor "Fat" Tony Diliberto
I was talkin to Tony but I had to leave because his breath smelt like hot trash.


Don't talk to that fat, disgusting jerk Tony. He must've been eating out of the Italian Friendly dumpster again because his breath smells like hot trash!
by hankscorpio August 01, 2012
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an awesome band based in Chesapeake, Va. Featuring guys who can rock like nobody's business. Everyone needs their dose of hot trash!!
Hot trash has a gig on Saturday the 25th!
by WebMistress April 20, 2010
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