n. A high-priority work task that top management is waiting for, usually involving the sequential efforts of multiple employees. It will burn anyone who holds onto it too long. Upon being assigned such a task, an employee's goal should be to complete their part and pass it to a colleague as quickly as possible, before suffering the wrath of management.
A hot potato just arrived in my inbox, so I'll have to work late tonight.
by Linguanalyst March 14, 2012
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A grenade move formed for Halo Reach. Origin, North Alabama Dec of 2010. Hot Potato has touched the hearts of thousands who play Halo Reach. Mostly done while guys are having a drunken Halo night.

The actual move of Hot Potato is as followed. You & 3 buddies start playing Halo Reach. Technically it's 3 including yourself but a good rotation with 4 + is always a thriller. 3 of you & 1 unfortunate soul on a team is the actual plan. Once the game starts, turn towards the middle of your team & say "Hot Potato" with your headset on & throw grenades on the ground & everyone dies with the game saying "betrayal, betrayal". All 3 of you do this while the 4th innocent victim is confused. Everyone starts up in the same spot again, thus Hot Potato continues. After 2 or 3 times the 4th guy starts to pick up on it & by that time the game has sent him a message giving the choice to boot you. Most of the time boots are around the 2nd & 3rd time. In some cases the 4th player will try to kill you while cursing over the microphone in an unhealthy rage. Point out too him it's only a game & his mother would enjoy your Hot Potato if she answers your booty call. This will cause him to make threats but it's better for him to say he is going to beat your ass over Xbox Live than for him to beat the shit out of his girlfriend.

If by an act of God 1 of you & the 4th player survives the event then a hail mary grenade pass to the 4th player is a follow up. This combination, Hot Potato Halo Mary.
Holy shit, this guy and his friends did a Hot Potato at the beginning of the game on Halo Reach!
by The Informant99 January 05, 2012
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The roach of a blunt or joint. It's called a hot potato because it gets hotter with each pass.
Yo dude, I'm gonna roll a new joint. That hot potato keeps burning me.
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by Lost and forgotten October 08, 2016
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A live grenade, esp one that has it's pin removed and handle flown.
by NoXion March 26, 2005
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A female who gets passed around. She gets passed around so many times that nobody wants her.

A homie hopper.
"Man have y'all seen LaLa she's so bad!"

"Naw man stay away from her; she's a hot potato! She smashed the homie and the homies homie and the homies cousins homie."
by MsLaLaLopez January 08, 2016
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