To be guilty of having had sexual intercourse with a person who is a friend of the person that you are dating, or hooking up with. Made most popular by pop star and Brandy Norwood's brother, RayJ.
"Son, I just found out my girlfriend smashed the homie!"
by whatuphomie December 2, 2009
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when you find out you're girlfriend fucked one of your bestfriends & or associate.
Ray J: danger smashed the homie!

Everyone else: aw man, rayj what you gone do man?

Ray J: ion knw i wanna eliminate that bitch
by Bad'bitch January 24, 2010
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when a man/women you like or are dating has/had sex with a friend of yours

by Kookie2010 June 10, 2009
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the act of engaging in intercourse with your man's homie
In the reality show, "For the Love of Ray-J", one contestant competing for Ray-J's love, sleeps with one of his homies, hence the phrase smash a homie
by lil smasher March 6, 2010
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When a girl has had sexual relations with you OR more than one of your friends.
Yooo I heard you and Rachel did it.

friend: She a slut yo, she smashed the homies. She did me, Ron, Day Day, and that dude we sit next to in class. She get around like 2Pac in the 90's
by Big-Liek March 4, 2010
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to gain carnal knowledge of someones friend or group of friends
james: so are you gonna get with debra?
todd: NO WAY! that girl smashed the homies
james: its cool man, i just got tested the other day and im still clean.
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the act of letting people know that you are about to take a huge dump. also known as dropping the kids off at the pool,making a donation to the porcelain gods, and taking the browns to the superbowl
dude that taco bell is killing me... i gotta go smash a homie
by homie smasher November 21, 2009
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